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  The following are procedures for burning all soy candle products that we make at Dan & Sharon's Candle House. This section also includes certain properties of soy candles that may occur depending on the soy blend we have available for making soy jar candles. Sometimes the wick will be hard to light the first time, just hold flame to wick until wick lights.



SOY JAR CANDLES - . Why is the top of my soy candle 'sweating'? This is not a defect but rather the result of the soy candle being moved from one temperature to another.  Soy wax is sensitive to extreme temperature variations.  The natural oil can separate from the soy wax but it does not affect the quality of the candle, the way it burns or the scent throw.   The oil will usually disappear once the room temperature is normalized or after it has been lit. If you wish to use the soy candle, simply wipe the excess oil off with tissue or paper towel and enjoy the aroma!

Each jar candle should be burnt until the candle melts completely to the  sides of the jar, about 1 - 1 1/2 hours. If you blow the candle out before it reaches the side of the jar it will cause a well. The well will continue to the bottom of the jar until the candle has burned to the bottom of the jar. Leaving a well will also cause a lot of soy to be left on the sides of the jar. Try and burn each candle for a maximum of 4-6 hours.

The following are good rules when burning your candles -

Always trim wick to 1/4" and clip any bloom from previous burning.

If a bloom appears trim before re-lighting. 


The following instructions will help when burning your Palm wax pillars. Each Palm wax pillar will have a unique pattern, no two   alike. The helpful hints below ensure safe and lasting burning of your Palm wax pillar.

Straighten wick before lighting, if needed.

Always use a plate or a heat safe product to hold your pillar.

Ensure candle is level at all times. Non-level pillars will cause spillage and uneven burning.

Keep candles out of drafts and away from ceiling fans.                                                         

Do not leave burning candles unattended.

Use the pillar candle for candlelight until it is approximately one inch tall. Burning a pillar candle down further than this point is a fire hazzard.

To make your candle burn cleanly across the top, burn it one hour for each inch in diameter. For example, burn a 2.5" pillar 2.5 hours, burn a 4" pillar 4 hours. When liquid pool of Palm wax extends from edge to edge, you may extinguish the flame. If you extinquish the candle prematurely it will begin to tunnel shortening the candle's overall burn time and impairing your view of the flame.

Extinguish candle by pushing wick into melted wax pool with a metal tool preventing afterglow and smoke. In addition, it will keep wax from splattering. 

Straighten wick upright after extingushing.  



 Votives -    Each votive should be burnt in a snug fitting container, which we carry. If you burn without a container, than it will only burn 1-2 hours. If you burn in a snug fitting container, than the votive will burn 14-16 hours.

TARTS -Our Tarts should be burnt in an electric tart burner with a 25 watt blub. Tealight burners do not get hot enough to melt our tarts properly. Tarts will foam up if you use a tealight burner or an electric burner with less than a 25 watt bulb.