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Product delivery times

  The following are delivery schedules that will apply to our products.

  Note: All candle supplies will be shipped 1-3 days after your purchase. This includes Candle Kits, bottles of fragrances, and all candle making supplies. 

   Normal retail purchase - We try and ship Smaller orders, one to five products, in a 2-4 day window.  For all other orders we'll make and ship your products 3-5 days after your purchase. Pillars and Taper type orders will always take a little bit longer than your jar candle request.  See holiday schedule for other time of delivery. Most of our delays relate to re-order of fragrances, molds, and other items from our vendors, which we can not control. 

  Wholesale purchase - For our wholesale customers the following applies, 10-15 items, one to two weeks. Over 15 items, one to three weeks. See holiday schedule for other time of delivery.

Holiday Schedule - Retail customers -  4-6 days. Sometimes out-of-stock fragrances, waiting on other candle needs from our vendors can cause a further delay, wicks, colors, etc.  Wholesale, one to two weeks. Our holiday schedule runs November 1 - February 28 of each year.