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Customer Comments

The following are comments by our customers. We appreciate any comments from our customers, whether good or bad. If you have any comments about our service, products, etc. Feel free to E-mail us at  and we'll add your comments to our list. Thanks Danny and Sharon.


Thank you, got my candles today and they are all good, thanks again for taking
care of the one that melted on me, u are a great person who knows how to satisfy
a customer, looking forward to my next order.. Thanks Danny



thank you for the quick delivery. The candle smells awesome. I will be ordering from you again, and will also pass along your web site to my candle loving friends.
thanks!  Patty
Thank you for your time and adjusting the order. It is always a pleasure to do business with honest people.
I look forward to the candles and doing business with you again in the future.
Thanks again,
 I put down the wrong one, & it was the FIREPLACE.. which as it turned out, was the one u said u had to special order since it is a more Winter scent with the pine..I knew right after i sent it off to u, I ordered the wrong one, but it's o.k. It was my mistake.  I will just hold onto those two tarts, until next fall.
 When I order again, I will order your" FIRESIDE" in the tarts.  I hope it's close to the one Yankee had put out. I know the same name in candles made by different companies are not, or can not be the exact thing.   
 i have had this experience...     Anyway, I  thank u for being so friendly & taking the time to write to make sure all was shipped o.k.  THIS IS GOOD BUSINESS! 
                                                       Thanx, Susan
thank you so much for letting me know the order status.  I have not even gotten my candles yet and I already love your company!  I will be sure to let you know once I get the candles...thanks!
I got the candles and they are wonderful!
I  just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to tell you that I absolutely love the candles that I purchased from you.  I found your company on the internet and have been very pleased with everything from your web page, to one on one customer service and best of all, the great smelling candles.  I have been burning them every day since I got them.  You are now marked as a favorite on my browser page and I will be telling all of my friends and family about you and your great product!
Thank you for making a quality candle!
Yours truly,