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Jan 28, 2015
Jan 13, 2015
Oct 21, 2014
DAN & SHARON'S CANDLE HOUSE SOY CANDLE SALE WWW.HOUSE-OF-SOY.COM SEPT 17 - SEPT 23, 2014 ************************************************************************************** WEEKLY DISCOUNT CODES **************************************************************************************This weeks sale will run SEPT 17 - SEPT 23, 2014 . You’ll receive an extra 15% off all products. To receive the extra 15%, enter “HOT” in the promotional code box. Just a little something extra for our Newsletter customers. Also see other products on sale below. RETAIL ORDERS ONLY. ************************************************************************************** LONG LASTING SOY VOTIVE CANDLES ************************************************************************************** Now you can try your favor fragrances in a single Votive, four pack, or twelve pack .Each Votive is 2 1/4" tall by 1 3/4" in diameter. Votive MUST be burnt in a glass Votive holder. Votive will only burn 1-2 hours without the glass Votive holder. Votive will burn 12-14 hours in the glass Votive holder. We carry the glass Votive holder for $1.25. Select color and fragrance from all our great choices. ************************************************************************************** SEPTEMBER 2014 FRAGRANCES ************************************************************************************** We now carry over 13,000+ fragrances and more to come in the future. Check out our line of wonderful selections. If you can’t find what you want e-mail us at and we’ll be happy to locate or blend to your special request. Top ten fragrances for SEPTEMBER. GREEN TEA - An alluring and inviting clean, refreshing scent, Very nice. This scent is very relaxing for those who don't want a floral. Great for work, or home. APPLE CINNAMON - New improved formula! This is an all time traditional favorite. Delicious apples perfectly blended. SKIN SAFE LAVENDER - A wonderful scent of fresh cut Lavender. The scent of Lavender is said to be stress reducing. A wonderful scent for all year round. Aromatherapy benefits: Balancing, soothing, gently clarifying, normalizing. SKIN SAFE LILAC - Just like a lilac bush, excellent throw. SKIN SAFE PINEAPPLE COCONUT - A great combination of pineapple and coconut. MANGO - Sweet ripe fruit diced and sliced. SKIN SAFE VANILLA - No explanations needed on this one. A very soft scent, great for year round. Aromatherapy benefits: Calming, consoling, soothing. SKIN SAFE POMEGRANATE - The wonderful aroma of freshly sliced pomegranate. SKIN SAFE PEACH - This scent will make you believe that you are biting into a fresh juicy ripe peach. This is a great Spring-Fall scent with it is refreshing, and mouth watering. SKIN SAFE SUGAR COOKIES - The scent of fresh baked Sugar Cookies. Great for Holidays, or year round. Very yummy. "SKIN SAFE" ************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************** NEW PRODUCTS/ODDS & ENDS ************************************************************************************** As always, we’re looking for new fragrances to add to our growing list. ************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************** COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS ************************************************************************************** If you have any suggestions, new products, new fragrances, or any other candle item you would like to see added to our selection of products, please e-mail us at and we’ll be more than happy to find and add to Dan & Sharon’s Candle House selections. ************************************************************************************** Until next time, have a good day today and a better day tomorrow. Thanks, Danny & Sharon Dan & Sharon’s Candle House 1-703-639-0168
Sep 23, 2014
Sep 17, 2014
Aug 11, 2014

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