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                  Welcome to Dan & Sharon's Candle House   

                      Home of the hand-poured Soy candle




    To order, click on any of the different areas on the left hand side screen, "SOY JAR CANDLES", "CANDLE KITS AND SUPPLIES, ETC. This will bring up the products in those categories.



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                            We now carry  13,000+ fragrances   

         We make any color/fragrance combination you desire for your soy candle.     

All our candles are hand poured.  All our candles are made of 100% Natural Soybean and vegetable oils and 100% cotton wicks. Each candle contains the best Soy on the market which generates no soot when the candle is burned. This will protect your home from the black soot generated when burning paraffin waxes. Our candles will burn 30% longer and hold the scent content. All our candles are  triple scented to give you a full rich fragrance each time you burn your candle.  Check out our line of candles in our product section. Our candles retail for 25% less than other similiar lines. Always burn Soy candles.