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CANDLE KITS / SUPPLIES > 25 - Tealight wicks
25 - Tealight wicks
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Price: $3.50
Prod. Code: TEAWICKS



From the makers of the LX series, these are a round braided cotton cored wick treated with a special NST2 treatment designed to burn better in vegetable waxes.  These wicks are able to consume viscous materials without clogging or drowning.  They are made with controlled braid tensions and they burn standing straight with only a slight bend or curl at the very tip.  They are known for having a consistent quality and maintaining a predictable flame height.  Wax primed, pre-cut length and tabbed with 20mm round, 3mm neck tabs. 25 Regular Tealight wicks.

NOTE: SELECT CHEAPEST S&H FOR THIS PRODUCT. UPS will come up very expensive for S&H due to default  a pound for each item selected.