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   Click on "CANDLE KITS & SUPPLIES" above to view all the Candle Kits and candle supplies we carry for  making Soy jar candles, Soy Votives, and Soy Tealights. We  carry single items you can purchase for your candle making experience, Candle Jars, one pound bags of Container Soy and Votive/Tealight Soy, wicks, Thermometer, Pour Pots, Votive molds, Tealights molds. Included in this area you'll find 1oz, 2oz, 4 oz, and 8oz bottles of our 13,000+ fragrances.


Click on "CLEARANCE YARD SALE" above to view all the clearance and overstock items. 

This section includes ready made candles, 4 oz to 12 oz jars, where you can select color and fragrance. Four pack votives. Diffuser jars. candle wicks for all budding candle makers. 1 oz fragrances samples. Yard sale prices for overstock and discontinued items.  



  Click on "DIFFUSER ACCESSORIES" above to view all the Diffusery accessories we offer. Presently we offer 4 oz, and 8 oz Diffuser base oil. This used to mix your own scented Diffuser oils.  Scented Diffuser refill oils, ready for use in your Diffuser bottles. We offer over 13,000+ fragrances at this time. Diffuser reeds in varying package sizes and a Mini funnel to transfer oils from one bottle to another. Check out our line of 15 different Glass Diffuser jars. Many colors and styles.    


  Click on "SOY JAR CANDLES" above to view all the Soy jar candles we produce. We produce 4oz Rustic up to a 60oz Cylinder jar candles. Many styles to purchase from Standard Soy jar candles to elegant  jar candles. Included in this area you'll find  2oz, 4oz, and 8oz  bottles of all our 13,000+ fragrances.



  Click on "VOTIVES/TEALIGHTS/PILLARS" above to view all the Votives, Tealights, Soy Tarts, and Pillars we produce. We produce single Votives, four pack Votives, and twelve pack Votive, twelve pack of Tealights, and many Pillars, from Dinner Taper  candles to many mid-range pillars. You'll also find 3oz Glass Votive holders, and Dinner Taper Candle Followers. Choose from 13,000+ fragrances and 55 colors.




Click on "WARMER BRICKS" above to view the new warmer bricks. 100% soy with tons of great fragrances.